High humidity is uncomfortable and can cause excessive perspiration, difficulty sleeping, and mold growth. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to reduce humidity in the home.

1. Use Fans to Reduce Humidity in the Home

Fans create ventilation, boost air circulation, and facilitate evaporation. Use fans throughout your home, especially in areas where humidity is a problem. Because mold prefers moist, warm areas and stagnant air, using a fan in damp areas of your home will help dry things out.

2. Leave Firewood Outside

Don’t store firewood indoors. Choose a place outside for your woodpile, ideally 10 – 20 feet away from the house to help deter termites from your home. Firewood usually contains a lot of moisture. When you bring it indoors, the moisture slowly evaporates, increasing the humidity levels in your home.

3. Dehumidifier

If humidity is a frequent issue in your home, purchase a dehumidifier. There are a variety of models, which help to remove moisture from the air and improve air quality. When shopping for a dehumidifier, choose a model based on the square footage of the area you need to treat.

4. Use Your Air Conditioner to Reduce Humidity in the Home

Your air conditioning unit is one of the most efficient ways to reduce humidity and keep the home cool. Air conditioners lower the temperature of the air in your home and reduce indoor humidity. During times of the year when humidity is a problem, turn the unit on early in the day so it stays dry and climate-controlled through the heat of the day.

5. Take Shorter Showers

Even though hot water feels great on your skin, it produces a lot of steam; the longer you shower, the more steam it creates. This moisture can lead to mold growth. To reduce humidity, open a window and turn on the ventilation fan. Lower your water heater’s temperature and try to reduce the length of your showers. You’ll lower humidity in the home and save money on the utility bill.

6. Waterproof Basement Walls

Waterproofing the basement can significantly reduce humidity. Moisture can seep up through the home’s foundation and affect your entire house. So even though waterproofing is an upfront expense, it’s worth it to lower humidity and reduce the risk of mold in your home.

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