Cooling your home is essential during the summer, but it can be expensive so it’s good to find effective ways to reduce cooling costs. Here are 5 methods to lower your energy bills in the summertime.

1) Prevent Heat Build-Up Indoors to Reduce Cooling Costs

When the temperatures rise outside, hold off on certain chores that tend to produce lots of heat like using the stove, running the dishwasher, and drying clothes in the dryer.

Instead, grill outside, wash dishes by hand, air-dry your clothes, and only use the microwave. Another alternative is only doing these chores at night when the temperatures have dropped.

2) Use Your AC Efficiently

Reduce your electric bill by setting the AC as high as you can while still staying comfortable. Use a programmable thermostat to raise the temperature while no one is home. You can also install a smart thermostat that will automatically detect when people come and go and adjust the temperature accordingly.

3) LED Bulbs Help Reduce Cooling Costs

Replace the incandescent light bulbs you have around your home with LED light bulbs. Unlike incandescent bulbs that generate heat and unnecessarily increase your home’s temperature, LED bulbs are cool and energy-efficient.

4) Use Ceiling Fans

The wind chill effect from a fan makes a room feel at least six degrees cooler. Be sure to turn it off when no one is in the room to save energy. During the summer, make sure the fan is rotating counterclockwise for the maximum cooling effect.

5) Keep Up with AC Maintenance

As much as you’re able to reduce cooling costs with the above tips, if your AC isn’t running efficiently, you’ll be paying more than you need to each month. Airflow is blocked when your AC filters are dirty, which makes the unit work harder to cool your home. You’ll reduce your AC’s energy consumption by up to 15% if you replace the filters once a month. Also, have the AC unit serviced by a professional each Spring before you need to rely on it in hot weather.

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