You’ve got your bags packed and everyone is ready to hit the road. With all the commotion and excitement, you might have forgotten to take care of some things around the house. It’s important to protect your house and everything in it while you’re away. Here are six ways to prepare your home before vacation.

1. Security Monitoring

Security cameras around your house are one of the best steps you can take for home security. Remote monitoring allows you to see what’s going on around your home. Most systems allow you to view real-time footage and stored video. If cameras aren’t in your budget, place a sign on the windows, doors, and in the yard advertising that the home is being monitored.

2. Prepare Your Home for Vacation With Automation and Timers

Burglars look for signs that no one is home. Install timers for lights, radios, and other devices to make it appear that someone is home. Smart lighting systems let you control your lights and appliances anywhere that you have an internet connection. Getting your house automated is a great way to prepare your home before vacation.

3. Tend to the Yard Before Vacation

Clean up your yard and walkways before you depart. Mow the grass, pull weeds, and trim back the hedges. Don’t give the impression that your home is neglected since that makes it a prime target for burglars. If you’ll be away for an extended amount of time, arrange for a friend to care for your yard or hire a lawn company.

4. Last Minute Housekeeping

No one wants to come back from vacation to a messy home. Prepare your home before vacation by performing these household tasks:
• Empty the dishwasher and leave it slightly open.
• Wash, dry, and put away all laundry.
• Clean the refrigerator and toss anything that will expire in your absence.
• Empty all trash cans.
• Set the thermostat to a temperature high enough to keep pipes safe in the winter (about 50 degrees) and raise the temperature in the summer to save money while you’re away.
• Unplug unnecessary appliances. Plugged-in appliances consume small amounts of electricity even when they’re not on.

5. Remove your Spare Key From its Hiding Place to Prepare Your Home for Vacation

Take your spare key with you or give it to a trusted friend or family member. You can never be too careful. Thieves are good at finding common hiding spots. You can always return the spare key to its hiding place when you get home from vacation.

6. Ask a Friend to Drop By

Ask a friend or neighbor to drop by regularly to check on everything. They can collect the mail and newspapers so they don’t accumulate in your mailbox. Ask them to stop by the day before you return and adjust your thermostat so you come home to a more comfortable temperature. Parking a car in the driveway periodically also makes it look like someone is home.

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