Use These Maintenance Tips for Healthy Trees

Though you have trees on your property, you’ve probably not given much thought to tree maintenance. Trees are often overlooked until there is a problem, like severe damage from a storm or a tree that poses a risk to your home. Here are four maintenance tips for healthy trees that will help the trees in your yard thrive.

Remove Vines From Trees

Vines and their foliage make your yard look lush, but they are harmful when they grow on trees in your yard. Vines damage the bark, weaken the branches, and keep the tree from receiving adequate sunlight. When trees are covered with vines, they are also more likely to get a disease or pest infestation.

One of the maintenance tips for healthy trees is to clear vine growth. It is best to try to do this by manually pulling up the vines at their roots and carefully removing the vine from the tree. Only use herbicides as a last resort as they may harm an already damaged tree.

Mulch Around the Base of the Trunk

Mulching around the base of the trees in your yard will help the soil retain moisture and prevent weeds and vines from growing. A 1 – 4-inch layer of mulch also serves as protection from lawn care equipment. This maintenance tip for healthy trees applies only to younger trees. Older established trees do not need mulching.

Prune Branches as Needed

Trimming branches protects your house and improves a tree’s health. Branches that are too close to your home pose the danger of rubbing against your siding, breaking windows, or falling on your roof. You will also have to clean your gutters more often when branches hang over your roof. Being proactive about trimming trees helps prevent expensive repair bills. Also, be sure to trim back any tree branches near power lines.

Beyond Maintenance Tips for Healthy Trees: Be Careful Where You Dig

When planting new trees in your yard, be sure to call 811 before you start digging a hole. Identify any buried utilities first to prevent service outages or even injury. Also, if you are working in the yard, keep in mind that digging into tree roots can harm the whole tree. Pay attention to the location of your trees and don’t damage their roots when digging.

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