Indoor air can be more polluted than the air outside. Contaminants enter the home on our shoes and clothes, on pets, and through open windows. Some pollutants are generated inside the home through cooking, the use of chemical cleaning products, and cigarette smoke. Here are tips to improve your home’s air quality.

Add Some Houseplants

Many houseplants are natural air filters. You can find easy-to-care-for plants at your local hardware or lawn and garden store. Plants such as lilies, ferns, and small palm trees will not only beautify your space, but they also help remove contaminants from the air.

Manage Humidity to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

Moisture in the air provides the perfect conditions for mold growth. Depending on your geographic location, the humidity may increase during the summer months. Buy dehumidifiers and use them as needed to lower humidity indoors. This will help reduce the growth of mildew and molds.

Use Kitchen Vents When Cooking

When cooking, a gas-burning stove will release impurities into the air such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. Electric burners also produce the same contaminants but in smaller quantities. When you are cooking, make sure to use your kitchen exhaust fan. Open kitchen windows for faster circulation of the air.

Keep the Carpets and Rugs Clean

Regularly vacuum carpets and rugs to keep the air cleaner. Carpets trap dust, pet dander, and other particles from the air in their fibers. Clean your rugs and carpets at least once every week to help remove pollutants and improve air quality.

Clean Air Ducts to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

HVAC ducts distribute cold or hot air throughout the house to provide a comfortable living environment. Over time, molds, dust, and dander accumulate in your air ducts. Dirty air ducts distribute pollutants through the vents, causing a reduction in the quality of your indoor air.

To help combat this, change the HVAC filters as recommended by the manufacturer. This is usually every 30 to 90 days. Take the time to remove dust from the vent covers and use your vacuum to clean inside the air vents.

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