Burglaries are more common during the holiday season. While you are distracted by holiday festivities, shopping for gifts, and making travel plans, criminals may be eyeing your home as a possible target. Here are some effective ways to boost home security during the holidays.

Why You Should Boost Home Security During the Holidays

From a criminal’s perspective, your house may seem very appealing. For example, if you have a tree placed by the front window with wrapped gifts visible from the street, you’re showcasing items that a thief can easily reach and haul off.

Your home may appear to be empty for long periods of time while you are traveling, shopping, or at holiday parties. Skilled criminals can get in and out of your home in a matter of minutes and can leave your home in shambles. You need to protect your home and your belongings, so try these easy ways to improve home security during the holidays.

1. Keep Packages and Luxuries Out of Sight

Criminals often stake out homes for a period of time before deciding to enter a specific property. They look for a home that has minimal risk and maximum reward. When they see a huge pile of gifts under a tree placed by your front window, they can see that you likely have several expensive items all in one place.

2. Light Up the Property

Criminals look for dark houses and yards where they can hide in the shadows. You should keep the exterior of our home well-lit, whether you are staying at home or out of town. Investing in solar-powered landscaping lights for year-round illumination is an excellent idea.

You can also install motion-activated floodlights. When out of town, use timers to control interior lights to give the appearance that people are home.

3. Communicate with Your Neighbors

Your neighbors probably have similar concerns about home security during the holidays. Communicate with the neighbors you know and trust when you will be gone and get similar details from them. By doing so, you can look out for each other’s homes.

When someone will be out of town for a few days, make arrangements to pick up mail, newspapers, and flyers off of the front door. If it’s trash day, have them put out the trash bin and bring it back in.

4. Use a Home Security System

A traditional home security system is a monitored system that has sensors on doors and windows. It may also have motion sensors and video surveillance cameras. The monitoring service can notify police of an issue in your absence.

An alternative to a monitored system is to install your own cameras throughout the interior and exterior of your home. Most of these come with an app so that you can check in on your home from any location using your smartphone.

Keep in mind that many of these tips for home security during the holidays also help you protect your home throughout the year. Home security requires regular attention and effort, and each of these tips provides you with effective results in different ways.

1st Alert Home Inspections wishes you a happy and safe holiday season! Check out our blog post on holiday safety for the home.

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