We spend a good amount of time inside our homes, so our houses can have a big impact on our health and safety. It is important to be aware of risks and hazards to prevent accidents and health issues. Check out these five tips to keep your home healthy and safe.

Make Your Home Healthy and Safe For Children

If you have small children or if they frequently visit your home, take these measures to make your home healthy and safe for them. Be sure to:

  • Change out your blinds with cords to cordless blinds to eliminate a strangulation hazard.
  • Cover sharp corners of furniture with cushioned corner guards.
  • Put chemical cleaners, medications, and other dangerous substances in a higher cabinet that can’t be reached by children.
  • Add outlet covers to all electrical outlets.

Prevent Pests

The best way to combat bugs in your home is to avoid attracting them in the first place. When bugs get into your dry storage, they can lay eggs in your food and spread illness.

  • Keep food stored in sealed containers.
  • Put away your pet’s food.
  • Wash and groom your pets regularly. Keep them on flea and tick preventative medicines.
  • Seal up openings in your home where insects can get in.
  • Scrub your garbage bin and spray it down regularly.

Be Prepared For Disasters

Have a plan for fires, tornadoes, and other natural disasters that could happen in your area. After drafting your plans, practice them with your family so that in the event of an emergency, everyone in the house knows exactly what to do.

Keep a disaster kit in the home in case you are trapped inside or have to leave quickly. Make sure that you have installed smoke and CO detectors and that they work.

Take These Additional Steps to Keep Your Home Healthy and Safe

  • Fix plumbing leaks promptly. Leaking pipes lead to mold growth which makes your home unhealthy.
  • Clean out your refrigerator on garbage day and remove spoiled food from your home.
  • Have your home tested for radon. Click here to read our blog about how to address high levels of radon in the home.
  • Have your drinking water tested and use a home water filter.

A professional home inspector can help you learn how to keep your home healthy and safe. 1st Alert Home Inspections offers services like radon testing, water testing, and mold inspections to Northeast Ohio. Contact us to book an appointment.

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