What Should I Do If I Have High Levels of Radon In My Home?

You want to keep your home a safe place for your family to live, so you do everything you can to prevent threats like house fires and mold. But there is another dangerous substance that is impossible to detect without testing. Radon gas is a threat that is often overlooked because it is invisible and has no smell.

High levels of radon in the home can affect your family’s health after years of exposure. This National Radon Action Month, we have explained what you can do about radon in your home.

What Level Is Too High?

The EPA has marked the action level for radon at 4 picocuries per liter. That means, if your radon test comes back showing this level of radon or higher, it is important to take measures to reduce the high levels of radon and prevent them from building up again in the future.

How Do High Radon Levels Form?

Since radon comes naturally from the ground, trace amounts of radon are in most homes. It becomes a problem when openings in the home allow radon gas to easily enter.

These openings are usually gaps or cracks in the foundation or basement walls. If the home is airtight or has poor ventilation, the gas cannot escape and accumulates to high levels of radon.

Protect Your Family From High Levels of Radon

After having a professional radon test, if the results come back at 4 pCi/L or higher, you don’t need to panic and move out of your home. But you do need to take action. Your professional radon tester can recommend a local radon mitigation company who will form a mitigation plan based on your specific situation.

The mitigation plan may include installing depressurization systems and ventilation systems to remove the radon, and sealing areas where the radon is entering. Each home needs a different strategy to effectively remove and prevent high levels of radon, so it is necessary to hire a reputable professional.

1st Alert Home Inspections provides radon testing to homes in Northeast Ohio. Contact us to book a radon test.

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