With cooler days ahead, now is the perfect time for homeowners to begin prep work for Autumn. While plans to get your home ready for fall may mean decorating for the season, preparations should also include protecting your house against harsher weather. Wondering what you need to do to get your home ready for fall? Read on.

1. Complete Repairs to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

Want to avoid the cold drafts during the winter? Check your home for any leaks to make sure you get the most of your heating over the next few months. Take a walk outside to look for any holes or cracks to make sure your home is properly sealed. Oftentimes, your doors, walls, and windows are the reason your home feels draftier than it should. Use caulkĀ and weather stripping to fill in the cracks and help your home stay sealed and warm during cold fronts.

2. Prepare Your Fireplace

Your pre-fall checklist should include cleaning your fireplace. Far too many avoidable fires are caused due to a clogged flue. By having your fireplace inspected and cleaned, your home will be ready for all those toasty nights by the fireplace.

3. Keep Your Trees Trimmed

Keep the trees, bushes, and shrubs around your home trimmed as fall sets in. While the colder months keep plants from growing, you’ll want to make sure the new growth from the summer is cut back. During winter storms, fallen branches can easily cause power outages and may even damage your home.

4. Bring Out Winter Wear & Bedding

With fall weather on its way, you’ll want to make sure your wardrobe and home are ready. Start now by bringing your winter gear and comforters out of storage so you can make sure they’re in good condition, aired out, and clean for another season. When fall and the cold weather arrives, you’ll be prepared with fresh smelling coats and bedding.

5. Make a Mudroom

Get your home ready for fall by creating a mudroom. While your doormat may be effective in regular weather, the ice, rain, and snow of the colder months can easily lead to friends and family tracking mud through the house. Get your home ready for fall by converting a small area like a wall or nook to use as your mudroom where you can conveniently place boots, hats, and jackets.

Getting your home ready for fall means preparing for the colder weather. These five tips are an excellent way to give your home its fall makeover and keep you and your family safe for whatever the colder months bring.

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