Fences help secure your property against intruders while also providing a safe space for kids and pets. Also, some fences go the extra mile to boost the curb appeal of outdoor spaces. ‏Here we’ve compiled a list of fencing materials to choose from. ‏

‏You can choose fence materials depending on multiple factors, including landscaping design and your budget. Read on to get some insights about which type of fence is ideal for your property.‏

‏Masonry Fence‏

‏There are different masonry fencing materials, including stones, bricks, blocks, and concrete, that you can use for your home. If you love total privacy, masonry fencing is a good option for you. ‏

‏Concrete walls will last for a long time before you have to invest in repairs. To add more beauty to your exterior space, paint the walls and incorporate glass designs on them. ‏

‏However, brick, block, and concrete walls are expensive to build. If you prefer a masonry fence, consult with a qualified mason to handle the installation. Trying to erect the fence yourself could be a risky adventure that doesn’t end well. Poorly constructed walls can collapse and hurt people.‏

Fencing Materials: Wrought Iron

‏Wrought iron fences are durable and have been used to safeguard properties for a long time. These fences come in different styles and patterns to fit the personal needs of buyers.

After purchasing these fencing materials, get a qualified contractor to handle the installation and customize the fence to blend with your home’s exterior design. ‏

‏Picket Fence‏

‏This fencing material is approximately three to four feet tall with pickets spaced 2.5″-3″5″ apart, depending on the board width. Many customers choose white-colored picket fences because they give a clean and stylish look to outdoor spaces. ‏

‏Picket fences keep pets and children safely enclosed in your yard. Wood is the most popular material used for picket fences. You can use treated, rot-resistant, or untreated wood. ‏‏If you aren’t a fan of wood pickets, you can buy aluminum, vinyl, or composite pickets instead.‏

Chain Link‏

‏Chain link is a common fencing material used to secure tennis courts, pet daycares, and homes. You can achieve any height you desire when it comes to using chain link fences. ‏

‏A chain-link fence is an effective option if you’re in the farming business, despite its lack of privacy. It keeps animals, including birds, rabbits, and livestock, from getting out. ‏

‏This fencing material is fairly easy to install using DIY guides, which will save you on installation service expenses. Start by erecting concrete or wooden posts to hold the chain link. Afterward, install your chain link and finish by adding a top rail. The top rail prevents the chain link from swinging when strong winds blow. ‏

‏Get Professional Help to Choose the Appropriate Fencing Materials for Your Home ‏

‏A good fence helps secure your property and adds curb appeal. You can find a wide range of fencing materials to suit your needs. Contact a fencing specialist to go over your options and get estimates.‏

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