Keeping your home clean is a major step in maintaining healthy and safe living spaces. If cleaning feels like an overwhelming task and clutter is taking up too much space in your home, it’s time to do something about it. A tidy and well-organized house is more relaxing and comfortable. Here are a few easy steps to declutter your home.

Start Small

The task of decluttering can feel like a major undertaking. To get started without feeling overwhelmed, tackle one small area at a time. Choose the hall closet, a guest bedroom, or a single cabinet in the bathroom. Declutter one small section and then move on to another.

Decide what area you’ll focus on next based on the amount of time you have. If you have a few minutes before dinner is ready, spend that time clearing out the kitchen junk drawer. A free weekend provides enough time to declutter the garage or an entire bedroom.

Clear the Area to Declutter Your Home

No matter where you choose to begin, start the project by removing everything from the space. If you’re decluttering a bedroom closet, take all of the clothes, shoes, jackets, and accessories out of the space. Lay them on the bed or spread them out on the floor. To declutter a bookcase, clear it off completely, piling books, pictures, and decor on a nearby table.

When the area is empty, clean it. Wipe down the walls, vacuum or mop the flooring, and dust the shelving. This is also an ideal time to repaint if needed.

Sort Your Belongings

With the space cleared out, you’ll be able to clearly see what you own. The next step is to sort your belongings into categories. Create piles of items to donate, things that are trash, belongings that need repairs, and things you’ll keep.

Put your box of donation items in the car and drop them off next time you run errands. Take out the trash immediately. This will prevent you from reincorporating items back into your household. Anything that you are planning to keep can now be organized and stored away.

Choose Storage Solutions

After downsizing, it’s time to find a method to store your belongings. If you’re organizing kitchen drawers, use drawer dividers or flatware trays. When decluttering a closet, you may need different types of storage solutions. A hanging shoe rack can be attached to the back of the closet door. Use a small chest-of-drawers to hold clothing that is best stored folded. Hooks can be installed on the walls to hold hats, scarves, jewelry, and other accessories.

With a bit of creative thought and online research, you will find appropriate storage for your belongings.

Create a Regular Routine to Declutter Your Home

Keeping a clean home requires developing a routine. Set aside time every month to work on decluttering your living spaces.

To maintain your clutter-free home, make an effort to reduce the number of things you buy. Take a moment to think about any new purchases. Do you need a new can opener, or is the one at home still perfectly functional? If you buy a new jacket, get rid of a few pieces of clothing to make room for it.

Making a commitment to declutter is the first step. Your home will be easier to clean and you’ll feel less stress when your living spaces are tidy and organized.

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