With widespread access to the internet and a global pandemic, more people are working from home than ever before. You may have never thought to set up a home office in a spare room of your house, but now it might make sense. Here are 5 ideas for creating a home office that you will enjoy working from every day.

Creating a Home Office with Neutral Tones

You will likely spend 8+ hours a day in your home office, so you want it to be easy on the eyes and calming. You may quickly grow tired of a room with a bold, vivid color, so paint the walls in a neutral tone. Colors like cream, beige, and slate gray create an atmosphere where it is easier to focus.

Office Storage

Customizing storage solutions for your home office will help you keep it neat and tidy. You may choose to install cabinets and shelves on the walls or use standalone options like filing drawers. Take stock of the types of items you need to store and pick out storage solutions accordingly.

Creating a Home Office Using Furniture on Wheels

It is common for desk chairs to have wheels, but you can also find other wheeled office furniture like desks and filing cabinets. They have brakes so they will not roll when you want to keep them stationary, but they are convenient for rearranging and making your office mobile.

Command Center

The command center of your office may house your printer, scanner, paper shredder, stapler, and more. On the wall behind the command center is a great space to put a large wall calendar so you can keep track of meetings and appointments.

Discard Station

You should have both a wastebasket and a recycling bin in your office. Having a discard station within easy reach will help keep your office clean and tidy, instead of letting papers pile up.

Setting up a home office isn’t difficult. It’s important to consider that you will be spending a good portion of your day there if you work full-time. Choose colors and decor that are pleasing to you and functional furniture and storage.

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