Buying a home is exciting, but if don’t know about problems with the home ahead of time, you’ll be responsible for any needed repairs. It’s a good idea to identify any problems with the plumbing system and address them before proceeding with your home purchase. This article goes over some common plumbing problems that a home inspection might uncover.

Moisture/Drainage Problems

Moisture and drainage issues are commonly discovered during home inspections. Oftentimes, the seller is unaware that the problems exist, making a thorough inspection even more important. Moisture causes mold to grow in the home and might be the result of drainage problems.

Damaged Pipes

Rusted, corroded plumbing systems create issues in many homes, and problems like tree root growth can also damage pipes. Older plumbing systems that use unreliable polybutylene pipes are also a problem in some homes. The material and condition of the plumbing pipes will be described in the home inspection report.

Clogged Septic Tanks

A clogged septic tank may require nothing more than a good cleaning. On the other hand, it may create backflow in the home or the yard. If you notice slow drains, backup, or gurgling sounds coming from the plumbing system, it’s likely caused by a clogged septic tank.

Leaks are Common Plumbing Problems

Slow leaks, especially those behind the walls, increase the water bill and, over time, damage the flooring and drywall. Mold and mildew are also of concern with this common plumbing problem.

Water Heater Issues

Look for an up-to-date, energy-efficient water heater in the home. Replacing the water heater is expensive, and a leaking water heater can cause significant water damage. The water heater should be the appropriate size for the home, free of rust and sediment build-up, and have thermostats that work properly.

Common Plumbing Problems Need Professional Help

The common plumbing problems in the list above are important to be aware of when you are buying a home. Hire a professional inspector for the best results. Most of us aren’t trained to detect plumbing problems. You can find out if your plumbing is in good working order with the sound advice and information offered by a professional.

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