These Bathroom Cleaning Tips Will Keep Your Space Cleaner for Longer

The room where you clean yourself up might be the room that needs to be scrubbed down the most! Because it harbors so much moisture, your bathroom requires extra attention and a special touch. Read on for more information and a few fresh bathroom cleaning tips that may be new to you!

The Showerhead

Give your showerhead nozzle a bimonthly scrub using all-purpose cleaner and a grout brush, then sponge it down. Once every three months, fill up a plastic bag with white vinegar, place the nozzle inside, and keep it secure using a rubber band. Leave it in place overnight (or for a few hours, at least), then take the bag off and bring the grout brush back out for a good scrub. Turn the water on to rinse away any remaining vinegar.

The Shower Curtain

Take a sponge and bathroom cleanser containing bleach and clean your plastic shower curtain liner on both sides, working from the top down. Give it a good rinse and let any residue go down the drain.

Loosen the Dirt

Close the door, shut any windows, and turn on the hot water. This will cause the bathroom to fill with steam, which will help loosen any dirt on your tiles and in your tub. To get stains out of the grout, use your grout brush (dry this time) and some elbow grease to rub in baking soda. Rinse afterward.

Let the Disinfectant Sit

As for your sink, faucet, knobs, and the countertop, spray everything with a disinfectant and leave it alone for 10 minutes. Give it a good wipe after, and revisit any problem areas with your grout brush if necessary.

Make the Mirror Shine

When it comes to cleaning your mirror, don’t just pick up the bottle of glass cleaner. Instead, choose a multi-surface cleaner spray that also works on glass if you want to remove splashes of toothpaste and sticky hairspray spots. Use a microfiber cloth to dry it off and give it a shine without leaving streaks on the glass.

The Toilet

To clean your toilet, run a disinfectant below the rim and thoroughly cover the areas. Leave it alone for 10 to 15 minutes before you take the toilet brush to it. Use disinfectant wipes to clean the rest of your toilet—don’t forget to wipe under the lid!

The Waste Basket

Put a few extra bags in the bottom of your waste can to keep them handy. When you run out, clean the interior of the can with a disinfectant.

Clean the Floor Last

Leave the floor until the end. Bring out the broom or the vacuum to pick up any dry dirt or hair, then it’s time for the mop! Choose one with both a scrubber and a microfiber side so you can do double-duty; the scrubber is great for gunk, and the microfiber will leave your tiles with a shiny sheen.

Keeping your bathroom clean by following our bathroom cleaning tips can help reduce mold growth in this room where mold is common. 1st Alert Home Inspections offers mold inspections as well as other inspection services, so contact us if you suspect a mold problem in your bathroom or any other part of your home.

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