If you are expecting a newborn, babyproof your home before you welcome your new family member. Once you are taking care of an infant, you won’t have much time to put these precautions into place. Changes will need to be made to every room of your house. Read this article to learn some important home projects to take on when you are expecting.

Bolt Heavy Furniture to the Wall

Once infants begin to crawl, they will grab onto anything around them to try and pull themselves up. This can be dangerous if large items are not securely anchored to a stud in the wall. Small children can be seriously injured by heavy furniture or appliances falling on them. Take inventory of everything in your home that poses this risk and anchor the items to the wall or hire a professional to do it.

Babyproof Your Home with Cabinet Locks

Install locks on all of your cabinets. Even if you aren’t storing anything toxic in a particular cabinet, it is still a good idea to put a latch on each one. There could be items in the cabinets that you don’t realize pose a threat or that are small enough to be choking hazards.

Padding Under the Changing Table

Infants roll around on the changing table and could potentially fall off. To minimize the impact of this type of accident, place a thick, cushioned mat or rug underneath the changing table. Supervise your baby at all times when on the changing table to prevent a fall.

Cover Sharp Edges to Babyproof Your Home

The sharp corners of tables and chairs can hurt a crawling infant or stumbling toddler. Purchase corner covers that are specifically manufactured to help you babyproof your home. These inexpensive corner protectors will help to prevent bumps and bruises.

Install Cordless Blinds

Many window blinds have long cords dangling down. This is a strangulation hazard for babies and children. Replace all the blinds in your house with cordless blinds. They can easily be opened and closed just by pushing them up or pulling them down.

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