If your home has an attic, you can put it to use as a living space. When upgrading your attic, you increase property value and create more usable space in your home. Here are 5 ideas to inspire your attic remodeling project.

Create a Library With Attic Remodeling

Attic space can become a cozy reading nook. Especially if your attic has a low ceiling, create a space where family members can sit and read. Bookshelves can be installed around the walls. Add reading lamps in the seating area. Your library could have carpet or hardwood floors and a rug.

Add a Bedroom

An extra bedroom comes in handy when hosting guests. Along with a bed, provide bedside lighting, a desk, and a cozy chair. If there isn’t adequate room for a built-in closet, look at other options. You might use a clothing rack or a wooden chest to keep clothes and shoes.

Remodel Your Attic Into a Home Office

With more and more people working from home, you may benefit from a dedicated office space in the house. The attic is farther away from the main living spaces of the home and can be a perfect office area. Your home office will have a desk, chairs, and maybe a bookcase or two. Add a small table to use as a printer stand. Make sure the space has good internet signal and adequate lighting.

Design a Game Room

A playroom for younger children and a game room for teens are great ways to use your attic space. Your playroom might have bookshelves and plastic bins to store toys. If you’re creating a space for video gaming, position the TV and game systems so they are easy to see. Use shelves to store games and baskets to hold controllers and power cords. Add comfy chairs and a bright rug to give the room some personality.

Recommendations for an Attic Remodeling

Because the attic is usually a dark, small space, choose lighter colored paints to brighten the walls. Install a window if there is not one or add skylights to provide natural light. When remodeling, carpet is usually the best option for flooring. It will dampen sound so family members below won’t be bothered by footsteps. Finally, make sure you install a smoke detector in the attic.

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